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Common Deficiencies

  1. General:


    • Bank Account number and IFS code are not given.
    • Signature of Government servant not affixed in claim(s).
    • Specimen signature of the Controlling Authority, in case of transfer of previous Controlling Authority, is not provided to the office in time.
    • Counter signature of countersigning authority on TA/DA & LTC advance and final claim.
    • Dependency certificate is not enclosed/countersigned by the countersigning authority, wherever required.
    • Distance traveled in Kilometer is not given.


  2. Common deficiencies in Permanent transfer claims:


    • In the case of carriage of personal vehicle, RC & relevant documents are not found enclosed.
    • Copy of LPC, for verification of advance taken from the previous station, is not enclosed.


  3. Common deficiencies in LTC claims:

    • Block year for which LTC is availing not mentioned.
    • When a Government servant traveled by Private Airlines to J&K and NER, certificate to the effect that Air fare is less than LTC 80 fare issued by Air India is not enclosed
    • Part-II Office Order for availing LTC not enclosed.
  4. Common deficiencies in TA/DA claims:


    • Part II Office Order/movement order is not found enclosed.