Q. GPF subscription for the month of  March 2010 and April 2010 were Rs. 10000/- and Rs.12000/- respectively, whereas the subscription reflected in column “April 2010” in the CCO-9 for Financial Year 2010-11 has been reflected as Rs. 10000/-. Why is the GPF subscription deducted in April 2010 different from the amount for the same month reflected in CCO-9 of the same year?

.The Subscription deducted from pay for a month is reflected in next month in annual statement of GPF account (CCO-9).

Q. What is the reason for variation in the amount drawn and debited on account of withdrawal from GPF?

.The amount debited includes interest for the period from the month of drawl upto the month in which the debit reflected in the annual statement of GPF account (CCO-9).