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Accounts Section

Officer In-charge:        Shri J S Khokar, Senior  Accounts Officer
Intercom No.:                123        Email id:

This Section deals with the following:



  1. Preparation of schedules from Punching Medium and supporting vouchers in respect of Remittance heads;
  2. Maintenance of Debt Head Register;
  3. Settlement of transactions under the Defence Proforma Accounting procedure;
  4. Reconciliation of the balances as per monthly statement of closing balances of RBI with the balances worked out in the books of the Controllers;
  5. Watching clearance of the outstanding amounts in respect of suspense heads under the Defence Proforma Account “Remittance into Banks/Treasuries”, “Cheques and Bills”, “Reserve Bank Suspense”, “Reserve Bank Suspense English transactions” and “Reserve Bank Suspense unclassified” and the “Remittance heads-Accounts with States etc”;
  6. Accounting and Adjustment of transactions relating to D.A.D. Receipts & Expenditure;
  7. Adjustments of Defence transactions arising in England and adjustable in India and payments in India on behalf of U.K. Govt. by the Defence Accounts Officers;
  8. Processing of transactions relating to Exchange Accounts between Controllers of Defence Accounts;
  9. Preparation and submission of Budget Estimates for which Defence Accounts Department is responsible;
  10. Watching progress of expenditure against allotments in respect of locally controlled  heads, and rendition of monthly statements of expenditure to the local controlling authorities and checking of budget estimates received from them;
  11. Banking of Regimental Funds;
  12. Appropriation Reports;
  13. Review of Compilation;
  14. Maintenance of Defence Ledger;
  15. Preparation of Review of Balances in respect of Defence and D.A.D;
  16. Preparation of Annual statement of expenditure under head “2049, Interest on other obligations”;
  17. Checking of annual consolidated balanced accounts of Defence Services;
  18. Maintenance of accounts in respect of Indian Ordnance Department Provident Fund and Contributory Provident Fund.