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Administration Section

Officer In-charge (AN-I & III):             Shri  P. K. Khanna, Senior Accounts Officer 
Intercom No.:            111              Email id:
Officer In-charge(AN-II ) :    Shri Arvind Kumar, Senior Accounts Officer 
Intercom No.:            302              Email id:
Administration Section of the Office of Principal Controller of Defence Accounts (PCDA), New Delhi comprises of following groups:

   1.  Administration I (AN I)

   2.  Administration II (AN II)

   3.  Administration III (AN III)

1.      Administration I (AN I)

This Group deals with the following:

  1. General administration of the office which includes requirement of establishment, recruitment, confirmation, inter-section posting/ transfers, pay, increments, promotions, leave, conditions of service and retirement of officers and staff.
  2. Conduct and discipline.
  3. Distribution and collection of Annual Performance Appraisal Report (APAR) and Mid Term Performance Appraisal Report (MTPAR) of officials of this office.
  4. To conduct Departmental examinations.
  5. Maintenance of service documents of AOs/SAOs & IDAS officers.
  6. Diarisation and distribution of secret, confidential and Demi-Official letters and other communication received in the office.
  7. Processing and follow up of all legal/court cases.
  8. Receipt of all RTI applications and rendition of their replies.

2. Administration wing II (Housekeeping)

This Section deals with the following:

  1. Maintenance of healthy and hygienic working environment in the office premises.
  2. Utilization and management of funds allotted for Office Contingency and Civil Works.
  3. Repair and maintenance of office equipments (excluding IT equipments).
  4. Cash management in the organisation including handling of money instruments received in the organisation.

3. Administration III (AN III)

This Section deals with the following:

  1. Preparation of Pay bills (regular and supplementary) in respect of Officers and Staff of the office of PCDA, New Delhi and other offices for which this office functions as Proforma Controller.
  2. Processing medical and TA & DA/LTC claims of staff of the offices mentioned above.
  3. Maintenance of service records.
  4. Regularisation of Leave in respect of staff of the PCDA, New Delhi.
  5. Payment of temporary/final withdrawal from GPF accounts of DAD Staff.
  6. Preparation and forwarding of Schedules to CDA (Funds) Meerut & Account Section of this office.
  7. To upload data to NSDL website with respect to contributions under New Pension Scheme (NPS).
  8. Preparation of Pension claims of Gazetted and Non-Gazetted staff of the office.
  9. Disbursement and recovery of advances for purchase of conveyances/house in respect of Gazetted and non Gazetted staff.
  10. To forward application for SLIC, DAC, Vehicle stickers to the Chief Security Office "H" Block, New Delhi.
  11. To process application for issuing of CGHS Card (Smart Card).
  12. To process application for allotment of accommodation, technical acceptance and forward it to Directorate of Estates, Nirman Bhawan, New Delhi.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q. What is the quantum of encashment of leave on LTC?

Ans. While availing LTC, Government servants can encash 10 days EL at a time subject to maximum of 60 days during entire service.

Q. Whether leave encashment on LTC can be availed during Casual Leave?

Ans. Yes, leave encashment on LTC can be availed during casual leave.

Q. How can a Government employee add name of spouse/children in his/her service book?

Ans. A Government employee can add name of spouse/children by submission of revised family details.

Q. Is Child Care Leave (CCL) admissible when Earned Leave (EL) is at credit of individuals?

Ans. No, CCL is not admissible when EL is at credit of Individuals.

Q. What is the maximum limit of CCL?  Can it be availed in parts?

Ans. Maximum 730 days of CCL can be availed during entire service. Yes, CCL can be availed in parts.

Q. What is the procedure to increase or decrease General Public Fund (GPF) Subscription?

Ans. GPF subscription can be increased or decreased by submitting request for the same.

Q. Is cost of books/dress reimbursable while claiming Children Education Allowance?

. Yes, cost of books and dress can be reimbursed.

Q. Whether Children Education Allowance can be claimed monthly?

. No, Children Education Allowance can be claimed quarterly.

Q. Being a fresh appointee, how can a Government employee can apply for my PRAN number?

. A Government servant, who has joined after 01/01/2004 will have to submit prescribed application form for PRAN number along with passport size photographs (in triplicate).

Q. What is the procedure for drawing pay through ECS?

Ans. An employee who wants to draw pay through ECS may submit an application along with copy of a cheque which contains Account number, MICR No and IFSC code of the employee.

Q. Can a Central Government employee travel by Private Airlines to J&K in lieu of home town?

. Yes, traveling by private Airlines to J&K in lieu of hometown is permissible.

Q. Can I get temporary advance from General Provident Fund for children"s education?

. Yes, Temporary advance and Final Withdrawal both can be availed for Children"s education on production of necessary documents.

Q. What are the documents required to take prior permission to undergo tests from a recognized centre?

. Following document are required to take prior permission to undergo tests from a
        recognized centre:

  1. Prescription slip by CGHS/Government Hospital (in original along with one photocopy of the same).Original prescription slip is returned alongwith permission letter.
  2. Copy of CGHS Card of the patient.
  3. An application clearly indicating the name of the Centre from where the permission to carry out tests is sought.