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Awards Received


December - 2016

January - 2017





January 2017


1.         Shri Arish Alam, Sr. Auditor/8349200 represented the Central Civl Services Cultural & Sports Board Team in the All India Civil Services Cricket Tournament 2016-17 at New Delhi and Raipur, Chhattisgarh from 16.01.2017 to 05.02.2017.

2.         Shri Arish Alam, SA/8349200 represented Central Secretariat Cricket Team in DDCA League Matches 2016-17 held on 06th, 10th & 12th January 2017 at New Delhi. 

3.         Shri Ajay Kumar Rai, Sr.Auditor/8349198 participated in 15th Delhi International Open Grandmasters Chess Tournament 2017 at Ludlow Castle Sports Complex Civil Lines, New Delhi from 09.01.2017 to 12.01.2017.  he secured 3rd Best Delhi player in team championship.


4.         Two Badminton players of this office participated in Inter Ministry Badminton Tournament 2016-17 to represent MoD Badminton Team during 05.01.2017 to 11.01.2017 at AIIMS Gymkhana, New Delhi.


(i)                 Smt. Annie Pawah, Sr. Auditor/8334506 achieved winner in Master’s Women Doubles, Runner’s of MoD Team in Team championship, Runner-up in Master’s women singles and last in Qtr Finals in women’s singles.

(ii)              Shri Amit Tyagi, SA/8334505 achieved 3rd position in Men’s Team Championship, Semi finalist in Men’s Double (Open event) and Quarter finalist in Men Singles (Open event).


5.           Smt. Aanchal Kaur Nanda, SA/8349203 participated in Inter-Ministry Table Tennis Tournament 2016-17 from 02.01.2017 to 13.01.2017 at Nirman Bhawan, New Delhi.   Smt. Aanchal Kaur Nanda secured 1st Position (Gold Medal) in Mixed Double, 2nd Position (Silver Medal) in Women Doubles, 3rd Position (Bronze Medal) in Women Singles and 3rd Position (Bronze Medal) in Men team Championship.



December 2016


Volley Ball team of this office participated in 6th All India DAD Volley Ball Tournament (Men & Women) during 19th to 23rd December 2016 organized by PCDA (NC), Jammu under the aegis of DASCB, Office of the CGDA, Palam, Delhi Cantt.   The Volley Ball team achieved third position in the group ‘B’.


2.         Smt. Jayanati Thapliyal, Sr. Auditor/8329732 participated in the Inter Ministry Athletic Meet 2016-17 at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, New Delhi from 22.12.2016 to 23.12.2016 and secured 03 Gold medals in 800 mts, 4x400 mts relay and 400 mts in the said tournament:


3.         Shri Ajay Kumar Rai, Sr.Auditor/8349198 and Shri Himanshu Moudgil, Sr.Auditor/8349196 participated in Inter Ministry Chess Tournament 2016-17 at Nirman Bhawan, New Delhi from 05.12.2016 to 15.12.2016.  Shri Ajay Kumar Rai secured 2nd position in team championship and individual championship and Shri Himanshu Moudgil secured 2nd position in team championship and also board prize and 8th in individual championship.


4.         Shri Arish Alam, Sr. Auditor/8349200 participated in Inter Ministry Cricket Tournament (Main) 2016-17 at Vinay Marg Ground-1, New Delhi on 01.12.2016 and 08.12.2016





8th All India DAD CRICKET TOURNAMENT HELD AT PUNE 21st to 26th November 2016

           15 member cricket team, as per names below, from this office participated in the 8th All India DAD Cricket Tournament held under the aegis of Defence Accounts Sports control Board and organized by Principal Controller of Defence Accounts (SC) Pune during 20st November to 26th November, 2016:

1.    Shri Ajay Bhatti, SA                          Captain

2.    Shri Sunil Kumar, SA

3.    Shri Harpreet Singh, Clerk             Vice-Captain

4.    Shri Pankaj Bhardwaj, AAO

5.    Shri Dharmendra Kumar, SA

6.    Shri Dharmender Kaushik, AAO

7.    Shri Manish Dhyani, AAO

8.    Shri Shailesh Kumar, AAO

9.    Shri Deepak Malhotra, SA

10.   Shri Dinesh Kumar, SA

11.   Shri Sanjeev Giri, SA

12.   Shri Arish Alam, SA

13.   Shri Kapil Kumar, SA

14.   Shri Santosh Kumar, AAO

15.   Shri Vikas Deshpandey, Clerk

Being the winner of 7th AIDAD Cricket Tournament, team from this office gained direct entry in the tournament. The team played three league matches, semi-final and final. Detail of matches played is as under:


Sl. Date of Match Played With Target Achieved  Result
1 21.11.2016 PCDA(WC) Chandigarh 73/10 (17 Overs) 74/2 (10 Overs) Won the match by 8 wickets
2 22.11.2016 CFA(Fys) Pune 122/7 (20 overs) 126/3 (17 Overs) Won the match by 7 wickets
3 23.11.2016 CDA Jabalpur 92/10 (19 Overs) 93/1 (11 Overs) Won the match by 9 wickets
4 24.11.2016 (Semi-Final) PCDA(SC) Pune 107/4 (20 Overs) 109/4 (19 Overs) Won the match by 6 wickets
5 25.11.2016 (Final) CDA Jabalpur 168/5 (20 Overs) 172/6 (20 Overs) Won the match by 4 Runs


The following players were declared man of the match:


Sl Name Matches played with
1 Shri Arish Alam, SA Thrice, match no. 2,3 & 5 (Final)
2 Shri Harpreet Singh, Clerk Once, match no. 1
3 Shri Pankaj Bhardwaj, AAO Once, match no. 4 (Semi-Final)

The team from this office emerged as WINNER of 8th AIDAD Cricket Tournament.