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Miscellaneous Section

Officer In-charge:      Shri J S Khokhar, Accounts Officer
Intercom No.:              307               Email id:

This section deals with the following:


  1. Audit and payment of bills for expenditure of a contingent and miscellaneous nature and miscellaneous claims in respect of unit allowances.
  2. Audit of charges relating to acquisition and disposal of lands and buildings of Military Lands and Cantonment Department.
  3. Audit of charges paid from grants such as amenities grant, training grant, assault-at arms grant, etc.
  4. Audit and payment of bills on account of local purchase of stationery and local printing.
  5. Payment to the Survey of India for the supply of maps.
  6. Audit of contingent and miscellaneous expenditure incurred by Indian Military Attaches/Advisers aboard.
  7. Payment and adjustment of cost of manufacture of medals and of decorations and contingent and miscellaneous expenses claims of the Medal section of the Ministry of Defence.
  8. Adjustment of debits on account of postage and air mail fee on the bags dispatched by Defence Headquarters.
  9. Adjustment of audit fees recoverable from Cantonment Boards for audit of their accounts by the Defence Accounts Department.
  10. Payment of imprest advances on I.A.F.A.-1036.
  11. Half yearly review of pre-audit bills.
  12. Post audit of bills in respect of contingent and miscellaneous expenses of the office of another Controller of Defence Accounts allotted for the purpose.
  13. Placing of cash assignment at the disposal of recruiting officers, Gorkhas and Indian Embassy in Nepal, audit of cash Accounts rendered by them and payment of permanent advances to other recruiting officers.
  14. Settlement of transactions pertaining to the Defence Services between India and Australia.
  15. Scrutiny of Contracts of Miscellaneous nature, vis., messing contracts at selection centre and hair-cutting and washing contracts and conservancy services agreements.


Audit and payment of third party bills received from the above organizations. Payment of advance drawn, if any, by the above organisations and post audit of their adjustment vouchers. Payment of Telephone bills, Newspaper bills. Scheduling of vouchers watching of acknowledgement, adjustment of MROs.