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Nodal Agency

Officer In-charge:    Shri B S Ghatak, Senior Accounts Officer
Intercom No.:            128           Email id: nodalagency[dot]pcdand[at]nic[dot]in



  • Nodal Agency Section was created in the Office of the PCDA, New Delhi and started functioning with effect from April 1998.
  • Nodal Agency Section was made the Central Agency and its Main Objective is to  reimburse  Defence Expenditure incurred by Defence Advisors posted in  Embassies/High Commissions of India abroad to Chief Controller of Defence Accounts, Ministry of External Affairs through book adjustments with Reserve Bank Of India (Central Accounts Section) Nagpur. Prior to the creation of Nodal Agency in PCDA, New Delhi, the reimbursement of Defence Expenditure to CCA, MEA, New Delhi was being done by various Regional/Functional Controllers leading to overall delay and confusion in reimbursement.


The jurisdiction of Nodal Agency Section is limited to the reimbursement of  Expenditure incurred on behalf of Defence to the following Ministries/Departments after carrying out Post Audit of bills before reimbursement:-

  • Ministry of External Affairs;
  • Ministry of Urban Development

       a.    CPWD;
       b.    Department of Printing.

  • DGMAP (Married Accommodation Project) – Portion relating to CPWD.

i.  Ministry of External Affairs:

  • Booking of Defence Expenditure to the relevant Service code heads on receipt of monthly paid vouchers from CCA, MEA, New Delhi in respect of around 145-150 Embassies/HCI located all around the world.
  • Post Audit of vouchers pertaining to expenditure incurred by MEA on behalf of Defence.
  • Preparation of Defence Inter Deptt. Schedule under the Defence Exchange Account for Credit received from CCA, MEA, New Delhi on account of GPF/other recoveries of Officer/PBs posted to different Embassies/HCI, pertaining to the three services and DRDO.
  • Scheduling of paid vouchers in respect of Indian Naval Ships visiting foreign ports and incurring expenditure through the concerned Embassy/HCI based on Government Sanction to PCDA (Navy) Mumbai.
  • Scheduling of paid vouchers of advances drawn by Officers deputed abroad on TD/Training etc. to the concerned Controller’s office.
  • Return of vouchers not pertaining to Defence to Account Section along with reconciliation with the RBI Advice raided by CCA, MEA, New Delhi against PCDA, New Delhi to RBI (CAS) Nagpur.

ii.  Ministry of Urban Development

a.  CPWD:

  • Audit of CPWD (Cash Settlement Suspense Accounts) Bills raised by various CPWD divisions (about 30 divisions) for Capital and Revenue work carried out on behalf of Defence.
  • Passing of CSSA bills by issue of cheque by Contra debit to Defence Services Head.
  • Monitoring of Budget and funds released by CAO, Ministry of Defence/Air HQrs. /Naval HQrs. and E-in-C’s Branch.
  • Scheduling of paid vouchers to PCDA (WC) Chandigarh for Post Audit.


b.  Department of Printing:

Same as sub para (a) above.

c.  Director General, Married Accommodation Project

  • Audit and reimbursement of Married Accommodation bills for the work carried out by CPWD at around 13 Stations w.e.f. 2003;
  • Audit and payment of Review Consultancy Work entrusted to appointed Consultants by DG, MAP;
  • Preparation of Monthly expenditure report of expenditure reimbursed to CPWD for MAP;
  • Monitoring of Budget in respect of DGMAP;
  • Preparation/rendition of fortnightly expenditure report of expenditure on Review Consultancy to CGDA;
  • Preparation of fortnightly expenditure report on expenditure reimbursed to CPWD for MAP to CGDA;
  • Monitoring of DGMAP projects with reference to the Admin Approvals issued by DGMAP.


Brief functions of the section have prescribed in HQrs Office letter No.A/1/12273/PAO-AG/Susp/PC dated 24/3/1998 as further amended vide HQrs letter of even number dated 30/8/2000.

The work relating to the section has not been included in the prescribed manuals as on date.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q. I was posted on deputation to Embassy/HCI abroad for three years. However the deductions made from my Pay and Allowance on account of GPF/DSOP/AGI/ NGI/ HBA/ AGI other subscriptions/recoveries has not been credited in my account maintained by CDA/PAO concerned.

All credit recoveries on account of GPF/DSOP/AGI/NGI/HBA/AGI and other subscriptions/recoveries are received in this office from Chief Controller of Accounts, MEA, Akbar Bhavan, New Delhi and are passed on to the concerned CDA/PCDA by raising a Defence Inter departmental Schedule (DID) within one month of its receipt after compiling the expenditure to the relevant Service heads. In the event of your PCDA/CDA/PAO confirming non-receipt of the same, it is advised that CCA, MEA, New Delhi may kindly be approached for intimating the Month and RBI Advice number under which your credits were  sent to this office. Action to locate the paid vouchers and to confirm transfer of credits will be taken by this office within 10 working days.

It may also please be noted that RBI Advice supported by the relevant pay bills and schedules are received in this Office. However, at times debits/credits are received in this office without the supporting vouchers, which makes it impossible for us to determine as to whom the amount in question pertains and therefore the credits are returned to CCA, MEA New Delhi by this office.