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Pay Section

Officer In-charge:      Shri Arvind Kumar, Sr AO and Shri Amrik Singh, Accounts Officer
Intercom No.:              121,122          Email id: pay[dot]pcdand[at]nic[dot]in

This Section deals with the following:


  1. Payment and audit of all claims to Pay and Allowances other than Traveling and Daily allowances of Civilian Gazetted Officers and establishment paid from Defence Service Estimates.
  2. Classification of all receipts and payment brought to account through pay bills and other claims dealt with in the Section.
  3. Audit of annual establishment returns in respect of permanent Non-Gazetted personnel.
  4. Forwarding of final settlement of GPF papers to CDA (Funds), Meerut.
  5. Approval of pay fixations proposals and verifying pensioners entitlements of the retiring officers/employees before transmitting Data Sheets to PCDA (Pension) Allahabad..
  6. Forwarding of Last Pay Certificate to the new pay-audit office.
  7. Payment and recovery of leave salary and pension contributions in respect of civilian personnel lent for service to and from civil departments of the Central government and the various state and Foreign Government, statutory bodies, etc.
  8. Classification of all receipts and payments brought to account through pay bills or other claims dealt with in the section.
  9. This section also deals with pay fixation, pension cases, Licence Fee and reimbursement of medical expenses etc.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q. What is the procedure for payment of pay and allowances if LPC is not received?

. In case LPC not received, pay and allowances shall be released provisionally

Q. Is transport allowance admissible in all cases?

. No. Transport allowance is not admissible to a person who has been provided with government vehicle and also to the person who remains absent for whole month.

Q. In how many installments advance of pay can be recovered?

.Advance of pay can be recovered in not more than three installments.

Q. How pension and gratuity of a deceased employee are calculated?

. Pension and gratuity are calculated on the basis of last pay drawn and length of qualifying service.

Q. What is the maximum percentage of pension which can be commuted?

. Not exceeding 40% of pension can be commuted.

Q. In how many ways pay can be fixed in the case of promotion and what is the main difference between these?

. The pay can be fixed from the date of assumption of charge or the date of next increment.

Q. How many financial upgradations can be granted under MACP Scheme?

. Maximum three financial upgradations can be granted under MACP. The financial upgradations are granted after a gap of ten years from the date of last promotion.

Q. To whom MACP is granted and under what conditions?

. MACP can be granted to a person who has not been promoted during the last ten years.

Q. If a person, who has been granted MACP, gets promotion, how his pay will be fixed?

. A person who has been granted MACP gets promotion his grade pay will be changed.

Q. What action is expected if an employee does not file Income tax statement to his DDO?

. In such case the income tax due will be recovered by calculating Income tax on salary drawn by him.

Q. Which loans do not come under the category ‘interest bearing loans’?

. Loans on account of Natural Calamity and Festival Advance are interest free loans.

Q. What is the criterion for sanctioning Motor Car Advance?

. Motor Car Advance can be sanctioned to any officer drawing Basic Pay not less than Rs10500/- (pre revised).

Q. Intimate maximum number of installments for recovery of Festival Advance and the conditions under which it can be sanctioned.

.Any Non-Gazetted employee can be sanctioned Festival advance and is to be recovered in not more than ten installments.

Q. Who will make payment on account of final withdrawal from GPF during the last two years of service prior to retirement?

.In such case, Authority responsible for maintaining GP Fund account will make payment in such cases.

Q .When the employee can withdraw money from GPF without assigning any reason and the percentage permissible?

. An employee can withdraw final withdrawal from GPF up to 90% of credit balance and within six months prior to his retirement.

Q. What is the maximum number of installments in which temporary advance of GPF can be recovered?

. GPF advance can be recovered in not more than 36 installments.

Q. If an employee is on sanctioned EOL, what will be its impact on qualifying service?

.The EOL sanctioned without medical certificate will be treated as non qualifying service.

Q. What action is to be taken by pay section on rent bills received from AO (BSO)?

. The amount of rent bill will be recovered from pay and allowances of the concerned employee.

Q. Can an advance be sanctioned to a temporary person? If yes what are the conditions?

. Yes, on production of Surety bond of a permanent government employee. Surety bond can also be waived if competent authority is satisfied that the amount of advance will be recovered in full/adjusted during service.

Q. What is the retention period of pay bills?

. Pay bills for the month of June and December are retained for 35 years and remaining pay bills are retained for 6 years.

Q. Can the payments due be made through LPC without issuing payment authority?

.No. Any payment due shall be paid through payment authority.

Q. If an officer desires to draw second advance for purchasing a car (after clearance of first demand. How much amount he can be paid?

. In such case, the Government officer can be paid Rs 1.6 lakh or 8 months pay (basic plus grade pay) or anticipated cost of the car whichever is less.