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POL Section

Officer In-charge:     Shri  S M Jha, Senior Accounts Officer
Intercom No.:            116               Email id: pol[dot]pcdand[at]nic[dot]in

This Section deals with the following:


  1. Scrutiny of contracts received from the Director General of Supply and Transport.
  2. Timely payment of bills received from the oil PSUs and other contractors as per the relevant contracts.
  3. Maintenance of Dispatch Instruction (DI) register and monitoring of quantity of fuel authorised for specific consignee in the dispatch instructions issued by DGST.
  4. Monitoring of over all expenditure on Petrol, Oil and Lubricant of Indian Army within the allocated budget.
  5. Scheduling of vouchers to concerned LAO’s.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q. What is the life of bill?

. Life of a bill is 3 years from date of issuing / generation of bill, if not submitted earlier.

Q. What is the course of action if there is any deviation from clauses of AT.

. This office is only paying authority and are bounded with the clauses of AT.  This office has no authority to make any changes in the clauses of AT, if there is any need of deviation regarding AT clause, the firm should approach to the DGS&T (i.e. Contract Concluding Authority) for the same.

Q. What is the course of action when original document related to claim of bill is lost?


  • In case of invoice a copy of the same may be submitted to this section with indemnity bond attested by a notary in favour of the PCDA New Delhi duly receipted by the consignee in ink.
  • In case of inspection note the firm should apply for non payment certificate to this office with details of inspection note viz. inspection note no. with date, quantity of supply and complete consignee name. After obtaining the no payment certificate the firm should approach the concern SQAE for issued duplicate copy of inspection note duly signed in ink by the consignee officer as acceptance of store. Thereafter the bill may be preferred with duplicate ink signed copy of inspection note with indemnity bond in favour of PCDA New Delhi.

Q. What is the procedure if any clause in a particular tender inquiry contradicts with any clause stipulated in DPM?

Ans. If such type of situations arises, the matter will be forwarded to DGS&T for decision and amendment in contract, wherever required.