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Store Contract Section

Officer In-charge:      Shri Amrick Singh, Accounts Officer
Intercom No.:             118              Email id: storecontract[dot]pcdand[at]nic[dot]in


Duties of this section are:

  1. Scrutiny of contract agreement;
  2. Audit and Payment of Bills
  3. Scheduling of vouchers to concerned LAO’s for credit verification


  • Audit & Payment of contractors Bills;
  • Issue of no payment certificate;
  • Preparation of Daily Payment Sheet;
  • Scheduling of vouchers;
  • Scrutiny and scanning of specimen signatures;
  • Adjustment of advances paid to various contractors;
  • Maintenance of Demand registers in respect of PSUs/Private parties;
  • Maintenance of security deposit register.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Q. What are the documents required to be submitted alongwith bill for payment?

. Documents to be submitted to paying Authority for payment along with the bill:

  1. An ink signed copy of the Contractor Bill (I.A.F.A 68 revised) (in triplicate).
  2. An ink signed copy of the commercial Invoice.
  3. A copy of the supply order with UO.NO. and date of IFA’s concurrence, where required under delegation of financial powers.
  4. CRV’s in duplicate.
  5. Original Inspection note(Copy no. 1,2 & 5)
  6. Relevant documents/proof of payment in support of the claim for statutory and other levies, such as Excise Duty challan, customs duty clearance certificate, Octroi receipt.
  7. Exemption certificate for Excised duty/Custom’s Duty, if applicable.
  8. Bank guarantee for advance if any.
  9. Guarantee/warranty certificate, Performance Bank guarantee/ Indemnity bond, where applicable.
  10. DP extension letter with CFA’s sanction duly mentioning U.O. No. and date of IFA’s concurrence, where required, indicating whether extension is with or without LD.

Q. What are the documents required to claim 95% after delivery of the stores to the consignee?

. Normally 95% of the contract amount is released against provisional receipt of the item at the consignee’s premises alongwith copy number 1 in original and other documents as per Supply Order.

Q. What are the documents required to in case of 10% or 5% final claim?

  1. Original Inspection Note Copy No. 2 & 5.
  2. Receipt of store with date of receipt clearly indicated on reverse of Inspection Note by the consignee.
  3. CRV issued by consignee (if there is no provision in the supply order for submission of Inspection Note).

(Note: The final claim for 10% or 5% should not be submitted prior to submission of 90% or 95%).

Q. What is the procedure for claiming payment in case original CRVs/Inspection note lost?

. In case original CRVs/Inspection Note lost, the firm may apply for issue of Non-payment certificate (NPC) to this office against particular inspection note number giving full particulars of the supply order, consignment and circumstances of the loss.  This office will issue the NPC to the designated Inspecting Authority / Consignee, with a copy to the supplier. On the basis of the NPC, the Consignee / Inspecting Authority issue the duplicate ink-signed document.
The supplier may then submit a bill to this office with duplicate copy of CRVs / Inspection Note along with notarised indemnity bond wherein vendor will specify that original has been lost and payment will not be claimed on original if found later.

Q. What is the validity of the contractors’ bill?

. The validity of the contractor bills is 3 years.

Q. In which cases extension and regularization of delivery period is required?

. The extension and regularization of delivery period is required when the store has not been supplied within the stipulated delivery period.  If the contractor fails to deliver the stores/service or any installment thereof with in the DP or at any time repudiates the contract before expiry of such period, the CFA, may recover from the contractor a sum equivalent to 0.5% of the prices of any stores which the contractor has failed to deliver with in the period.  The total damage shall not exceed value of 10% of undelivered goods.  The LD cannot exceed the amount stipulated in the contract.

Q. In which cases concurrence of Integrated Financial Advisor is required?

All amendment to contracts, which have financial implications, including short closing and delivery period extensions (with or without LD) should be approved by the CFA in consultation with IFA, where the original contract was concluded with the concurrence of integrated finance.

Q. If stores have been supplied in extended delivery period, what are the documents to be submitted along with the bill?

.DP extension and regularization letter from the Contract Concluding Authority (CCA).

Q. What are the documents required to claim excise duty paid as per Supply Order?

. Original for buyer (Excise duty challan) is required to be attached with the bill.

Q. How the authenticity of Inspection Note /CRV is ascertained by the paying authority?

. Specimen signatures of Inspection Officer / Consignee would be checked to ascertain the authenticity of Inspection Note / CRV.