Check list for submission of bills for payment:

  1. For main grade POL products:


    • Availability of DI.
    • Supply order in original.
    • Invoice/challan in duplicate duly receipted by the consignee.
    • Rate from updated master price list duly signed by the Internal Auditor of the PSU oil company concerned.
    • CRV/RV number and date.
    • Signature of officer signing the invoice/challan.
    • Authentication of the Accountant of PSU oil company if transportation charges are claimed, what have been actually paid.
    • Short receipt and temperature variation, if any.
    • Calculation.
  2. For Lubricants:


    • Original Accepted Tender is gone through.
    • RV/CRV number and date.
    • Specimen signature of the officer signing the Inspection Note.
    • Signature of the quality assurance Inspector.
    • Date of dispatch of stores for inspection.
    • Quantity and consignee mentioned in I. Note and AT.
    • Rate of the product.
    • Calculation