1. An ink signed copy of the contractor bill (I.A.F.A 68 revised) (in triplicate) in advance. This should be sent to this office as soon as the contract is concluded. U.O. number and date of the IFA’s concurrence is mentioned wherever necessary.
  2. An ink signed copy of the commercial Invoice.
  3. Certified Receipt Voucher (CRV) and board proceedings for acceptance of stores in original.
  4. Copy no. 1 of Inspection note with Provisional Receipt Certificate in case of 95%/90% payment and copy no. 2 & 5 in case of final payment.
  5. Relevant documents/proof of payment in support of the claim for statutory and other levies, such as excise duty challan, customs duty clearance certificate (CDEC), octroi receipt.
  6. Ink-signed confirmation of bank guarantee issued under terms of the contract for advance/performance /warranty.
  7. Satisfactory Performance Certificate in case of maintenance contracts.
  8. E- Payment details including the firm’s bank account no., IFS code, name of the bank & branch.
  9. PAN No. for filling TDS return.
  10. Any other document as per the terms of the contract.