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  1. Contingent bills are in prescribed format and the same is duly countersigned.
  2. Ink-signed copy of financial sanction of expenditure is enclosed with the bill.
  3. Tendering procedure has been completed or certificate as per GFR 145 or GFR 146 for procurement less than 15,000/- and upto Rs. 1,00,000/- respectively has been furnished.
  4. Original quotations, letter calling for quotations, comparative statement of tenders, supply order are enclosed.
  5. Original pre-receipted invoice of the supplier is enclosed.
  6. E-payment details like Bank name & branch, Account No., IFS code are furnished.
  7. PAN No. is furnished for filling of TDS return.
  8. Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) or any service agreement is enclosed for procurement of services.
  9. Certified Receipt Voucher (s) is enclosed.
  10. Availability of funds.
  11. Extension of delivery period (DP) with or without liquidated damages (LD) is enclosed if delivery period under the supply order is expired.
  12. In case of loss of original documents, non-payment certificate along with notarized indemnity bond is to be submitted with attested copy of the documents.