3.1    For all bills:

  1. Correct sanction for the expenditure.
  2. Supply order issued on the basis of sanction.
  3. Ink signed copy of sanction and supply order forwarded in advance to the PCDA.
  4. Security deposit submitted by the firm as per supply order/contract agreement.
  5. Security deposit/ bank guarantee revalidated, if required.
  6. Availability of funds.
  7. Ink-signed copy of revised sanction if expenditure exceeds the sanctioned amount and revised
    bank guarantee to be issued.
  8. Original documents/invoices submitted.
  9. Proof of dispatch of stores submitted.
  10. Proof of payment of taxes/duties submitted.
  11. Inspection note(s) duly signed by the appropriate authority attached. The specimen signatures of
    the officer who signs the    inspection note must be available in records of this office.
  12. Requisite documents to release stage payments as per the Contract Agreement attached.
  13. Arithmetical calculation of claim checked.
  14. Advance adjusted.
  15. Delivery Period exists.
  16. Liquidated Damages (LD) calculated.
  17. Specific sanction to waive LD.
  18. Material supplied and whether cost of material supplied is as per contract agreement.
  19. Summary of expenditure for advance, stage payment, additional Work, price variation, transportation, taxes & duties etc. attached.
  20. Bill is countersigned by the Competent Financial Authority (CFA).

3.2    For 95% bills:

  1. 95% bills are submitted on form FD (M) – 58 (revised) in duplicate and completed in all respect and prepared as per the instructions on the Form.
  2. AT number and date should be specified on the bill.
  3. Dispatch advice in duplicate issued by the Composite Food Laboratory (CFL) should be enclosed after ensuring that it is duly signed by representative of the concerned CFL and affixed with official seal.
  4. Requisite certificate of excise duty (ED)/sales tax (ST) is enclosed to the bill.  Original gate pass for payment of ED is enclosed.
  5. Bill has been pre-receipted and affixed with revenue stamp.

3.3    For 5% bills:

  1. Copy number 1, 2 and 5 of inspection note duly signed by the representative of the CFL on FD (M) - 60 issued by the CFL is enclosed.
  2. Reference to the bills, quantity and the payments received through 95% is mentioned.
  3. Goods have been supplied as per delivery schedule.
  4. Recoveries due to short receipt of stores, if any, reflected on the inspection note.