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Common Deficiencies

  1. Contracts/Supply Orders:


    • Format of the supply order is not as prescribed in relevant Defence Procurement Manual (DPM) or Defence Procurement Procedure.
    • Liquidated damages (LD) clause is not properly worded and ceiling limit of imposition of LD is not specified.
    • In case of two stage payments of 95% and 5%, provision of recovery of 10% maximum LD is not available as the contract provides for release of 95% payment without deduction of LD.
    • Time frame for completion of installation is not specified leading to inordinate delay in final installation/commissioning of equipments.
    • Amendments to the contracts for extension of delivery period do not specify the quantum of LD or whether LD is to be imposed. In such cases, whether IFA concurrence is to be obtained is also not specified.
    • Quantum of LD to be imposed on delay of installation of equipment is not specified.

  3. Contractors’/suppliers’ bills:


    • Ink signed copy of the contractor bill (I.A.F.A 68 revised) (in triplicate) is not enclosed.
    • Ink signed copy of the commercial Invoice is not enclosed.
    • Certified Receipt Voucher (CRV)/ Provisional Receipt Certificate (PRC) (in original) are not enclosed with bill.
    • Actual date of receipt of stores is not mentioned in the CRV/PRC.
    • Relevant copy of the inspection note not enclosed with the bill.
    • Extension of delivery period is not obtained from the CFA.
    • Receipt certificate and date on reverse of inspection note are not filled and signed by the consignee.
    • Relevant documents/proofs of payment in support of the claim for statutory and other levies such as excise duty challan, customs duty clearance certificate, octroi receipt are not enclosed.
    • Bank guarantee for advance, Performance bank guarantee & warranty bank guarantee, if required, are not enclosed with bill or are not of sufficient validity.
    • Specimen signature of the officers of the consignee unit signing the CRV, Board proceedings and installation certificate are not submitted by the concerned Directorate.
    • In case of bills pertaining to capital expenditure, budgetary support from the Directorate is not enclosed.
    • The bills are being rendered for staggered/phased delivery while there is no such provision in the contract for payment on pro-rata basis.