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Common Deficiencies

4.1 Scrutiny of Supply Order:

  1. Suply order is not as per format prescribed in the Defence Procurement Manual 2009.
  2. Date of delivery is not mentioned in the supply order.
  3. Liquidated Damages (LD) clause has not been incorporated in the supply order.
  4. Paying Authority has not been mentioned in the supply order.

4.2 Audit of Expenditure Sanction:

  1. The Sanction has been issued by the lower authority by using of the splitting of financial powers.
  2. Schedule No. and serial number of Government letter of delegation of financial powers dated 22.07.2006 are not mentioned in the sanction letter.
  3. The correct code head has not been mentioned in the letter under which the amount is to be booked.

4.3 Audit of Contingent Bill:

  1. Bill is not countersigned by the competent authority or the specimen signature of the countersigning authority is not available/does not match.
  2. The budget allotment, expenditure and details of balance have not been shown in contingent bill.
  3. Original documents like quotations, sanction, supply order etc. are not enclosed.
  4. Date of delivery has not been shown in the CRV.
  5. Name of the consignee has not been shown in the CRV.
  6. CRVs (in duplicate) have not been attached.