Q. What is the validity of the contractors’ bill?

Ans. The validity of the contractors’ bills is 3 years from the date of delivery of goods/services.

Q. Can a contractors’ bill be prepared in pencil or photocopy be presented for audit?

Ans. No. Contractors’ bills are to be prepared in ink and are to be presented in original.

Q. A bill contains alterations / cuttings and not properly readable. Can such bill be admitted in audit?

Ans. No. All alterations in a bill should be attested.

Q. Can a bill with contractor’s thumb impression or signature in Tamil be accepted in audit?

Ans. A bill containing thumb impression is to be attested by some responsible person. Also Vernacular signatures, except those in Hindi are required to be transliterated into English.

Q. When is the extension and regularization of delivery period (DP) required?

Ans. The extension and regularization of delivery period is required when the stores are not supplied within the stipulated delivery period.  If the contractor fails to deliver the stores/service or any installment thereof within the DP or at any time repudiates the contract before expiry of such period, the CFA may recover from the contractor a sum equivalent to 0.5% per week of the prices of any stores which the contractor has failed to deliver with in the period.  The total liquidated damage shall not exceed value of 10% of undelivered goods.  The LD cannot exceed the amount stipulated in the contract.

Q. What is the procedure for claiming payment in case original CRVs/Inspection note lost?

Ans. In case original CRVs/Inspection Note lost, the firm may apply to this office for issue of Non Payment Certificate (NPC).  After receipt of the NPC, the firm may approach to the consignee/Inspecting authority for issue of ink signed duplicate copy of the CRV / Inspection note.  On the basis of the NPC, the Consignee / Inspecting Authority issues the duplicate ink-signed document.  Duplicate copy of CRVs / Inspection Note along with notarised indemnity bond would be submitted along with bills and other documents.