Q.  What is the procedure for preferring the claim in case of loss of DAIRV?

. Bills may be preferred along with following documents:

  1. A certificate issued from Commanding officer, Composite Food Laboratory (CFL) clearly showing the number and name of supply depot for which DAIRV has been lost.
  2. A certificate (by the firm) under Rule- 43 (FR-II) giving following details:

    • DAIRV Number --- date --- for supply of --- to Supply depot --- against AT No.--- dated--- has been lost in transit.
    • In order to avoid possibility of double payment, a note has been made in our record that in case, original copy traced out, the claim against said DAIRV will not be preferred by the firm.
  3. Indemnity bond duly notarised.

Q.  How are the bills processed when the funds are exhausted?

. The bills are returned to Army Purchase Organisation with a rider that the funds have been exhausted under intimation to Chief Director of Purchase (CDP).  On receipt of the additional funds, the bills are admitted.