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General Information

  1. Since the transfer of work of Army Purchase Organisation from Department of Food (PAO) to Ministry of Defence (Q) on 1st July 1986, APO Section of this office payment of bills relating to Central Purchase of ASC Stores by APO.
  2. With effect from 1st April 1988, the payments relating to procurement of tinned food and other milk products done by the Canteen Stores Department (CSD) for supply to various Units/formations through Composite Food Laboratory which was earlier dealt with by the Controller of Defence Accounts (CSD), was transferred to the CDA (HQrs), New Delhi.
  3. Presently APO section deals with the payment of ration items viz. pulses, oil, sugar and tinned items etc, centrally procured by the Army Purchase Organisation.  Accepted Tenders (ATs) are issued by the Chief Director of Purchase (CDP) to the suppliers on yearly basis. Bills are received directly from the suppliers in this office.